High Growth Opportunity

Voyageur is focused on moving its proven NI-43-101 barium sulfate (“barite”) resource of high purity barite into cash flow by manufacturing barium contrast suspension products (X-Ray, CT-Scan & MRI applications).

Barium contrast is the highest value barite in the industrial market.

  • One of a kind deposit. Currently has 166,210 tonnes indicatedand 95,578 tonnes inferred of barium sulfate suitable for the pharmaceutical and paint grade markets (Source: Voyageur 2018 NI 43-101).
  • Research and development of the manufacturing (formulation, bottling and distribution) of pharmaceutical barium contrast products initiated by Voyageur’s JV company ImagingX Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • The January 2019 price for  pharmaceutical  barite used in contrast, FOB Qingdoa China was ~ US$ 3,000/tonne for large orders(CAD$4,000/tonne). PC B. Willis, 2018, direct cost from supplier for barite landed at Calgary manufacturing plant.
  • The primary uses for high purity barite include paints, pharmaceuticals, and many other niche markets. The pharmaceutical barite is used for contrast media suspension for the X-ray, CT-Scan and MRI applications.
  • Barite makes up 98% of the ingredients in dry contrast. The producer of contrast with lowest barite costs will be the most competitive.  This allows Voyageur a great advantage as we own our own barite source. At the present time there are NO producing pharmaceutical high-grade barite mines in Canada or the US.

Voyageur`s Frances Creek Barite tested as highest purity for natural occurring barite with grades between 96.5% and 99.5%  BaSO4 – with a specific gravity between 4.3-4.5.sg. Classified as industrial grade.

  • There are no other high grade Industrial-Grade barite mines producing in Canada and the USA.
  • Our high grade barite will allow us to penetrate a bull market that is 100% reliant on imports.
  • Our low capital requirements for production will ensure a high rate of return for investors.
  • The demand for barite is increasing worldwide and dramatically in China.
  • The opportunity to participate in this rising bull market in barite is rare and exciting.
  • There is a high potential for a future liquidity event or long term profitable growth for Voyageur.