Confirmation of my initial thoughts were confirmed when the Company commissioned a NI 43-101 report which estimated that 1mm tons, might be proven with infill drilling of the project.

The mining of Barite has a very small environmental footprint and therefore production is easily permitted unlike base and precious metals.; Therefore the Company can achieve cash flow and become profitable in a relatively short period of time.

Two of the three Canadian (barium sulfate) barite properties are advanced stage exploration projects, actual production has been achieved on the Jubilee Mountain project.  Subject to financing, a feasibility study, and a mine plan, the Company anticipates production of industrial grade barite by 2020.

Coming from a career in the resource markets, mostly in the precious metals business, my question was – is the market for the product accessible, and does the market have the depth for additional production? And the answer to that question is… yes it is!

While the high volume sales of barite are associated with the drilling fluid (oil-field) industry , our core focus today is the high purity, high grade, industrial barite market. Our focus is on producing pharmaceutical grade barium sulfate for our joint  venture company ImagingX. By selling our barite directly to the end costumer in bottles of barium contrast suspension products allows Voyageur to receive  the  highest value for its barite.

We believe that our industrial grade barite projects are of the highest grade and purity in Canada & the US.  We further believe we can satisfy a very real and current need in the industrial barite market as pure, high grade barite … is extremely rare in Canada & the USA.

Aside from a small industrial mine in Georgia, USA, there are no other industrial grade barite producers in Canada or the USA. Canadian and US industrial users import 99% of industrial grade barite from China, India, and/or Morocco.

As a potential customer of ours south of the border states, many of the large industrial users now seeking a non-Asian source of high-grade barite long term, for the future – due to quality, but moreover, supply constraints coming out of China.

With satisfactory drilling results in 2017, we believe that production for the chemical (pharmaceutical) market can be optimized and put in place over the 2019 – 2020 time frame.

A Western Canadian Company with high grade industrial barite which does not have to be imported … is an attractive asset.

If you have an interest in participating with us here, our trading symbol is: “VM`on the TSX.V or stay in touch with Steve or myself.

Please contact me or Steve (Livingston) in my office, here in Calgary to learn more about offering – or speak with your investment advisor about us – we will be happy to send he/or she an investment package.

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John Rucci, CEO, Voyageur Minerals Ltd.



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