Barium & Iodine Contrast Market and Sales Strategy

  • ImagingX is planning on selling multiple brands of barium contrast products. The market is estimated to consume over 200,000,000 bottles per year world wide.

  • ImagingX has sourced a third party supply of USP barite to fast track manufacturing and production. This will allow for cash flow to beginĀ  prior to mine production. First barite shipment was delivered to ImagingX in February 2019.

  • There is limited competition as one company controls 50% of the market and this company has a monopoly in North America. They do not have a source of barite and rely on foreign imports.

  • By utilizing Voyageurs Frances Creek barium sulfate, ImagingX will have the lowest cost product based on ingredient input cost.

  • ImagingX plans on penetrating the Canadian market as stage 1 of sales.

  • The second stage will be marketing into the European, USA and other world markets.

  • ImagingX will begin exploring the manufacturing of Iodine contrast products upon initiating cash flow.

  • ImagingX plans on future sales of Iodine and barium products for worldwide sales.