• Voyageur Minerals Ltd., VM: TSX-V Is developing near term cash flow on barite projects in BC, Canada and is actively exploring and developing lithium brine projects in Utah USA.
  • VM business plan is to immediately develop its advanced stage industrial grade barite deposit, Frances Creek, and create cash flow. Voyageur is developing barium contrast suspension products for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • VM is a Calgary based company which owns 100% interest in 3 barite deposits and owns a lithium deposit with a joint venture partner.
  • VM’s industrial grade barite is naturally occurring with grades as high as 99.26% BaSO4 in-situ, which is very rare.
  • Voyageur has strategically partnered with a Canadian pharmaceutical company who can formulate, manufacture and manage sales and distribution of the contrast products.
  • The structure of the JV is simple. Voyageur provides barium sulfate USP from the Frances Creek property and Chief provides pharma expertise and formulation and bottling capacity at their Calgary plant.  The JV markets the Barium Sulfate and each party receives 50% of the revenue less the regulatory, marketing and sales costs attributable to the JV. None of the assets (bottling plant or mine) reside in the JV.